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Rice Sorting Machine
Rice Sorting Machine provided to our customers, features automated technology that helps in achieving the intended uniform colour and texture. It achieves this by scanning a line of rice grains using a super-high-speed camera and ejecting low-quality grains and impurities. This machine is highly effective and economical to use.
Wheat Sorting Machine
Wheat Sorting Machine are manufactured using heavy engineering materials which imparts higher strength to the frame to hold the complete assemble rigidly which ensures safe operation and long service life.
Dal Sorting Machine
Dal Sorting machine are popular in agricultural industries to maintain the quality of the grain and to make them free from contamination or any unwanted particles such as infected or damaged particles.
Cashew Nut Sorting Machine
Cashew Nut Sorting Machine are widely useful in food processing and many other beverages industries that uses dry fruits for the production of various products such as chocolates, sweets etc. to remove the undesired particles without breaking the nuts.
Raisin Sorting Machine
Raisin Sorting Machines are fabricated with the help of high quality materials which gives higher strength and rigidness to the machine structure. They are popular due to their fast and efficient actions.
Coffee Seed Sorting Machine
Coffee Seed Sorting Machine are the important elements that can be utilized in the manufacturing unit before the packaging section to allow only the best quality of beans to pass through them to provide the customers top class seeds for the preparation of brewed drinks.
Tea Leaf Sorting Machine
Tea Leaf Sorting Machine are the heavy duty machineries that are widely used in food processing industries for the separation of the top quality fully grown seeds from the defected ones. 
Sunflower Seeds Sorting Machine
Sunflower Seeds Sorting Machine offered by us are made up of highly sensitive components that results in the accurate and precise differentiating of the top quality seeds from the unwanted and damaged particles.
Pepper Sorting Machine
We are one of the best manufacturer of high performance pepper sorting machines that are widely used in the production unit to allow the passing of finest quality of seeds to enhance the quality of the produced items.
	Peanut Sorting Machine
Peanut Sorting Machine availed by our company are popular due to their robust design and the fast processing rate to increase the productivity. These machines also results in the reduction of the inspection time to make the process highly economical.
Plastics Color Sorter
Offered Plastics Color Sorters are acknowledged for their long service life, high precision level and reasonable price.  These machines are equipped with advanced CCD camera with signal function, LED laps, hopper and feeder. PLC based mechanism and user friendly human machine interface of these systems improve their productivity and reduce project cost.

Mainly deal in the following states Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Orissa
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